Rustic Lodge, Zalma MO

This is a rare but unique post, this is for the adults! Ryan, a couple of friends, and I visited Zalma MO last night. The Rustic Lodge in Zalma may never be the same since I visited there. It was great, not the kind of place you expect to find in the middle of no-where. I think that I talked to every person there rather they wanted me to or not. I might have been a little much for the good ole people that hang there a lot. This place even though not the typical place I hang at is a real first class kind of place to visit. The staff are very friendly and give excellent service, the patrons are unique in their own way but all a lot of fun, and the music not my style still really good.
I saw on their facebook page that Common Thread will be there in Febuary, they also have a Valentines special coming up. I have heard they have pulled in some pretty big name bands like Little Texas, that is so cool for a small town.
The Rustic Lodge is a full service bar & grill, they serve steaks I believe the sign said every Friday night.
If you enjoy getting lost in the woods or want to change up you pace from the "downtown" scene then give the Rustic a try. Never know give me a buzz and I might go with you!!/profile.php?id=100000193129836&sk=wall

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