Making my list!

I am in the process of making my list of monthly adventures. This is hard to narrow it down, so many places I want to go and see. Also so many I want to revisit, I love all the neat places I have discovered.
Yesterday was such a teaser I wanted to go hiking so bad, but feared it may be a little muddy and my little guy needed to stay out of the cool air.
So far I have booked Sam A Baker for April, we will be attending an event in Old Greenville. I am also an avid photographer and want to shoot some neat photos as the Black Powder Rendezvous. For July I am in the process of planning my Birthday getaway, we celebrate my birthday almost as much as we celebrate Christmas. Yes I am that important...he he he. We will be returning to Eminence Mo for a float trip, I am so excited to do that I met some awesome people there and Eminence is such a cute little town.
We are also planning to go to the Lake of the Ozarks sometime this year, and I want to return to Castor River Shutins. I have found a neat Buffalo/Bison ranch that Dillard needs to go to, and I found a Horse Ranch that lets you sleep in a bunkhouse....totally not my thing but I have one little girl that thinks she will grow up to be a Cowgirl.
I am sooooo anxious for warm weather and traveling unfortunately my life is getting a little crazy after this week. My college classes start again this week, I will keep this blog going as promised, I actually enjoy writing about my wild adventures and I hope you all enjoy reading it. If you have any suggestions about where to go please let me know I am game for anything and everything. ~B~

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