Weekend Festivals

Alrighty, Guys and Gals it is suppose to be a mostly pretty weekend so lets get out and have some fun.....I know I am!
I will be attending the 49th annual Azalea Festival in Fredericktown Missouri....watch out Fredericktown here I come! I am starting my Saturday off with running their 5k race; ya know me I have to get my morning run in, or I am a bit cranky! Then I plan to attend to attend the local events! According to their local paper these are the events that are available........
Saturday, events go from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Look for events like pancake breakfasts, Fun Run, Horseshoe Tournament, Pet Show, Diaper Derby, the Foothills Car Show, Super Farmer, Bike Parade and much more.
On Sunday they also have a parade and a few other events....sadly I will not be there Sunday I will be forced to return to reality! Please come join me, I would love for you all to come run the 5K with me or cheer me on....I am a bit worried about the track I am not familiar with Fredericktown and I may have to really dig deep if there is a lot of hills!
Also, I will not be attending this year, but wanted to share is the Perryville Mayfest! My family and I have attended in past years and have really enjoyed ourselves. There is something about small community festivals that makes me feel all warm in fuzzy inside. I love seeing smiling faces, laughing kids, and don't forget all the YUMMY YUMMY FOOD! I will let myself go overboard just for this!
Follow the links to find all the information! I hope to see some of you around it may seem like a drive, but I can guarantee you won't regret it!
God Bless!

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