Fredericktown, Missouri

Do you all remember watching Andy Griffith and wondering do people really sit around the coffee shop and talk about the day's news, does the waitress really know everyone in the restaurants name, is it possible to walk down the street and everyone know who you are? I can tell you that that does still happen and it happens right here close to us!
My family and I visited Fredericktown, Missouri this weekend for their 49th annual Azalea Festival and we had a great time even when it rained. We met so many friendly people, ate so much yummy food, and were amazed by all the things to do.
Our first stop was the hotel Madison Inn Lodge; on the outside the hotel almost reminds me of an old fashion plantation home. The service at the hotel was wonderful when we arrived the desk clerk handed me a bunch of brochures, maps, and told me all the must go to places in town.
After dropping our bags we headed to our next stop the ice cream shop down the street the Dairy Bar! My kiddos gave it two BIG THUMBS UP, the ice cream was very very yummy and the prices were just as yummy!
All sticky and hyped up on sugar we headed down to the park to ride some carnival rides and yes even I got in on the action. After riding all those rides we had refill on the traditional carnival food, yum yum we had to have a corn dog and mozzarella sticks!
Saturday morning I was suppose to run the Azalea Festival's Fun Run, but when I woke up it was storming. They did still have the run and I give a big wave to all those brave enough to run through the run, but instead of running I headed down to the Cowboy Coffee Shop. I must say this coffee shop could put Starbucks out of business; the coffee was delicious and the service was great. However, service and taste couldn't top the decor this was an adorable little shop that if I hadn't had my three year old son with me I could have sat there for hours looking through books and photos......AMAZING. Dillard (3) and Celesse (7) were amazed by the old fashion counting machine they could have moved the bead back in forth for hours I think.
On the same street as the coffee shop I saw several other neat little business that I would have loved to been able to check out, and the one thing that caught my eye is the huge sign saying "shop local" true town pride is what came to my mind! This town loves each other and supports each other...I like that!
After the rain lessened we headed down to park to enjoy more of the festival, there were so many vendors, food stands, and things to do I think I got lost a dozen times! For lunch we headed up to Wayne O's on the Courtsquare...this small bar and grill cooks up some real good eats! To sum it up best I will quote Dillard "Mom I ates some adigators (alligator) and ILIKES it!" Yes it was that good, and well priced!
With our belly's full we were off to watch the Tractor and Truck pull this very well could be the only thing little Dillard will remember. He stood in AWE and named every color, size, and which one was the best of the tractors. He fell in love every time a new tractor entered. All though those tractors were in tough competition with the sweet young lady that was sitting next to us. She was 16 or so and was spending the day with her elderly grandpa. My heart melted listening to her argue and cracks jokes with her grandpa. The grandpa became fast friends with Ryan (my husband) they talked tractors, gas prices, and we learned a lot of history about the town of Fredericktown.
I could spend all night talking about what all we saw and how much we liked it, but of course you can check out our photos and get a first hand look!
There is so many places up there that I wish I could have went to or seen before I had to return to reality. No matter what kind of adventure you are looking for Fredericktown has it there for ya and with that adventure I am sure you will meet so friendly folks!
Please check them out, I hear, but did not get to visit they have a lovely Winery....Vance Vineyards & Winery, a First Friday event every month at the Gallery (which I walked by and looked really neat), a Farmers Market, and really so so much more! They also have many more events coming up like the Lions Rodeo, a tractor show, the county fair, and not to mention all the state parks and historical sites close by!
As always I have posted their websites below, check them out and head out for a road trip!

God Bless

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  1. my old stompin' grounds. ;) Born there (quite the oddity back then to have twins..) and attended some middle school and church through high school. :) There are really great people in Fredericktown, I agree :D