Wild Weekend and Wild stories!

I have returned from my wild weekend! I think I have seen a whole different kind of world and may have a new kind of respect for guns! I was asked my very good looking gentlemen dressed in leather and fur if I would be his squaw; sadly I had to decline.

My son was fascinated by the guns we even had to buy a new gun with a carrying strap so we could look like the cowboys and Indians. My daughter experienced her first taste of homemade root beer and LOVED it! I personally loved the old time games! They had tug-a-war, potato sack races, and tomahawk throwing. Crowley's Ridge Black Powder Club put on a real show. They dress in 1840 attire, sleep in tee pees and bake bread without ovens. I really enjoyed this event, however, I must say it is best visit one day of the two day event. I have read other articles saying there was large turnouts and there were several there, but the weather may have dampened the crowd.

I have attached the websites for the Old Greenville events list it appears they have several events coming up that look to be fun. Old Greenville recreation area is absolutely beautiful and is a walk down memory lane. In 1941 Greenville Missouri was relocated to it's current location due to the flood project of Wappapello Dam. I have attached the website explaining all the details. They have an adorable little campground with a lovely walking trail and bike trail. I must end this segment of my wild weekend, I have more stories to come, but first I must do laundry!

God Bless!


Events at Wappapello Lake

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